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A dedicated Engineering,Technology,Industrial product B2B marketing agency for SMEs and SMBs. We transform your business taking the pain out of creating digital & direct marketing strategies with technical competence that let you compete with bigger players.

Empowering B2B Growth through Marketing, Sales, and Transformation


engineering & B2B marketing company

We are revolutionary B2B marketing process out sourcing and engineering marketing firm. We are dedicated to deliver value in entire marketing, sales and business development Eco-system for engineering, technology and industrial products.
As a dedicated engineering & B2B marketing company we help businesses increase their brand presence, marketing and sales penetration by using state of the art digital and direct marketing strategies.

In a Nut Shell we are sophisticated extension of engineering & B2B businesses that work hard like their own team to bring in market penetration, brand presence,sales growth and ultimately significant top line and bottom line growth.


We bring creative Marketing, Sales & Business transformation
Solutions for our customers.

Market Research & Analysis

Market Research & Analysis

With in depth marketing and strategy research combined with analysis we derive solutions that are truly data driven, and back tested strategies. We use latest statistical analysis to justify the decision making.

Digital Marketing

Digital Engineering Marketing

We call this digital engineering marketing because we combine digital marketing with technical know how in engineering to penetrate the competitive market. We use SEO, SMM even Marketing campaigns to generate business

Sales & Marketing

Direct Marketing & Sales

We believe that selling a engineering or industrial product cannot be done with direct marketing alone. We make sure the customers experience what they are buying by using technology.

Branding & Marketing

Branding & Penetration

Branding a product and making sure that the customer is aware of the product is the key to selling product efficiently. We use our state of the art methodologies & experienced team to do the same.

Growth hacking

Growth Hacking

Engineering product marketing is not a network marketing any more. It requires more efficient, sophisticated approach to generate rapid growth and we are experts in doing the same with growth hacking.

Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Business should not revolve around selling your product rather you should concentrate on re-innovating the product. We use methods to forecast ever changing needs of consumers to transform your business.


Team leader managing project
Business Growth & Transformation


We increase your engineering product sales.

A dedicated Engineering,Technology & Industrial product B2B marketing company with experienced engineering professional on board. We transform your business taking the pain out of your marketing system. We help you increase your sales with out spending a fortune. Our experienced team utilizes the engineering product knowledge combined with digital marketing, direct marketing strategies to create a perfect harmony.

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Digital Marketing

With competition from larger players and over flow of information available for the users to access, SMEs and SMBs are unable to gain traction despite strong product quality. So digital presence is the need of the hour its not option any more. We at MOT provide complete Digital marketing strategies including search engine optimization, social network marketing, PPC, Video campaigns for customer acquisition.

Growth Forecasting

A marketing and sales process estimation cannot be completed with out a proper marketing and sales forecasting.
With years of experience, insights combined with data driven statistical forecasting methods we can arrive at almost at actual marketing and sales forecasting and strategies to plan a head of the competition.


What is a industrial or B2B marketing with out approach of grape vine or network marketing. We at MOT always believe in power of networking and provide our customers with plethora of networking services include social network marketing,Trade shows marketing, global networking, Liaising, End to End user networking. What not we do everything to get business.


Branding is always been a game changer for any product since the ages. If you have a good product but with out brand name it is rendered to be useless. at MOT marketing use state of the art digital tools and strategies to create a strong brand penetration in the industrial sector that is filled with large competitors. We use brand penetration strategies to improve value.

Marketing Process Outsourcing

A relatively easy and yet a complex term of business transformation. We at MOT marketing will take painful process of marketing and sales from our customers & provide them with a comprehensive range of services to generate revenue. It ensures that our customers concentrate on their business & innovate and grow. We function as a complete marketing and sales extension of their firm.

Direct marketing & Sales

One of the USP of MOT marketing is we know that in engineering industry only digital transformation wont work. Customer expects the supplier to meet to have a one one technical discussion to ensure the product conformity. We fill in this gap with a dedicated direct marketing team with strong technical expertise that meets customer and show case product capabilities.

Market Expansion

MoT’s Proudly introduce their newly launched services Market Expansion Service.

As a vision to represent global industries in Indian sub-continent and become a sophisticated growth hacker for these businesses.

The need? Most of the industries entering in to Indian market are skeptical about starting thier business or introducing their products in India. The primary reason is the diversified culture and demographics India has to offer.

For the those Industries MOT acts as a representative and provide them with all kinds of data to take the decision making to executing the business plan. Our range of services include market entry study, Beta testing, Team recruiting and even as a complete representation.

We also act as OOC (Overseas Operation Center) where in MOT deploys its own team at the same time represents, sell the organizations products.

The benefits Businesses can take from this is :

  1. Lesser operational costs.
  2. Faster turn around times.
  3. No need to deploy full scale teams and spend fortune to set up businesses.
  4. Agile environment to test out different strategies.
  5. Expert team with in depth knowledge of Local socio economic scenario’s, Industry trends and Subject  matter Knowledge.
  6. Full scale representation.

So why wait? A market of 1.35 billion people is waiting for you to explore.

Market Expansion

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