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Why India can be a Technology Hub

The vesrion of MOTs

Before going to the depths of the proposition for starters lets start with some basis statistics or Salient Features of India

1.India-Worlds 2 nd largest country in population.

2.India Having worlds largest youth populated country.

3.Ranking 3rd in GDP growth in the world.

4.Ranking 11th and 18 th in imports and exports.

   With exponential rate of young generation and increasing rate of interest in technology orientated business Indian start-up eco system is going rapidly.

      Some surveys even suggest that this rate of growth is not sufficient in the coming month that would suffice the needs of population.With the rapid change in the current economic scenario,reforms from the government and sustainable political scenario are creating suitable environment for the growth.

This creating a sustainable business opportunities for the Domestic and international companies to explore the new growth opportunities,

There is a rapid growth for the tech companies in the last 5 years in the area of IoT and industrial sensor areas.

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