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Digital Engineering Marketing

We work as an efficient extension of engineering companies as a marketing process out-sourcing company.
We approach firms as your representative and function exactly like your own team and speak your language.
Why is that because we are experienced,efficient engineering marketing people and no one can understand your product better than us.


Marketing solutions customized to B2B engineering industries

3D Engineering Marketing

Defined,Directed,Digitized that is what we call as 3 dimensional marketing.As it practically fulfills the complete marketing & sales eco-system. By completing these gaps we make the firms that are competitive and data driven.

AI Enabled Marketing Strategies

Combine data and integrate with sophisticated sales automation tools like Sales force and hub spot to determine customer acquisition strategies.This will give advantage the firms against their competitors.

Direct Marketing

In general conventional B2B marketing and sales of engineering products starts with direct marketing to the customers.As the products are mostly technical in nature and cost incentive in nature.As it has its own merits and de-merits we bring in the best of both worlds to curb the gaps and generate growth.

Digital Marketing

No-Business strategy can be complete with out increasing digital presence of the companies.With our digital marketing strategies specially designed for B2B sales,We start their digital journey by wed designing,SEO,Social network marketing,Content marketing,Technical publications.

Social Networking & Branding

Social network marketing most influential medium at the current business growth.Creating a strong social media presence with tools like compelling videos,Graphical content to increase the brand visibility and generate traction.This strategy is vital to create strong domestic and global presence.

Procurement Liasing

Currently most of the countries looking at India as one of the affordable and quality based manufacturing solutions provider.With more than 2 decades of experience and strong supplier network we work with global companies to find the procurement solutions in the field of automotive,non-automotive industries.Focus areas include tool design and development,engineering services,component development etc.

Growth Hacking

History is proven that most successful start-ups in the world like Air BNB, Hub Spot,Quora , Drop box became what they are today by thinking out of the box and utilizing the process called growth hacking.We at MOT are successful growth hackers that go beyond conventional thinking to gain mass customer attention

Incubation & Business transformation

In our experience we found there are numerous companies that are capable of exceptional products at par with international standards.But unable to gain the customer base because of their CX and CAS s.So we take the responsibility of transforming their businesses by providing sufficient incubation,mentor ship and as always networking.

Lead generation services

Lead generation services offered by MOTM is very uniquely designed to generate inquiries for engineering businesses. Our team of experienced engineers not just deploys the team but understands the customer business, and his target customer base and deploys various strategies to fill the pipeline including Email, Tele-sales or Social media etc.

Account based marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach to marketing that focuses on individual target accounts rather than targeting a broad audience. This process involves extensive study of target customers, identifying, and developing personalized campaigns, Engaging decision makers and finally converting them to business.

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